Why Trade With Us

Our state of the art trading technology is all developed and supported by our highly experienced in-house team.


No Dealing Desk

All client orders are executed anonymously with no dealing desk or human intervention.

Deep Liquidity

Clients can access depths up to 70 million per instrument ensuring all trades are filled on the best price available.

Ultra-Fast Execution

Our technology allows us to provide fast and reliable order execution. Most trades are executed in under 6 milliseconds.

Pricing & Execution

FairMarkets utilizes 17+ tier-one bank connections to process over 2900 unique liquidity bands.

Order Execution and Matching

Our execution engine allows us to match clients’ orders with small volume, and hedge out the larger orders and aggregate exposure as required. To our clients benefit, this allows us to execute their orders without any interference from us.

A True Liquidity Provider

Straight-Through-Processing is the most misinterpreted term in the online trading industry. STP Brokers add more delay, rejections, requotes, and cost to their client executions due to being fully reliant on third-party Liquidity Providers.

Full Transparency

FairMarkets was built upon providing fairness, transparency, and innovation within a evolving and complex online trading industry.

2019 Execution Stats


2019 Slippage Stats

78% of orders are filled at requested
price or better.